Chapter 1-One Dimensional Kinematics.pdf

Chapter 2-Two Dimensional Kinematics.pdf

Chapter 3-Dynamics-Motion and Force.pdf

Chapter 4-Circular Motion - Gravitation.pdf

Chapter 5-Work-Energy-Power-Simple Machines.pdf

Chapter 6-Linear Momentum.pdf

Chapter 7-Rotational Motion.pdf

Chapter 8-SHM and Waves.pdf

Chapter 9-Sound.pdf

Chapter 10-Fluids and Kinetic Theory.pdf

Chapter 11-Heat and Thermodynamics.pdf

Chapter 12-Electrostatics.pdf

Chapter 13-Engineering Electrostatics-Continuous Charge Distributions.pdf

Chapter 14-DC Electric Circuits.pdf

Chapter 15-Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction.pdf

Chapter 16-Engineering Magnetism-Magnetic Field Calculations and Inductors.pdf

Chapter 17-Engineering Electric Circuits-AC Electric Circuits.pdf

Chapter 18-Maxwell Equations and Electromagnetic Waves.pdf

Chapter 19-Light-Geometric Optics.pdf

Chapter 20-Light-Wave Nature.pdf

Chapter 21-Special Relativity.pdf

Chapter 22-Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Structure.pdf

Chapter 23-Nuclear Physics.pdf


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